Can social media use harm your case?

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When facing your divorce, it is important to present yourself in as good of a light as you can muster. Any sign of poor behavior may come back to hurt you when it comes to resolution on child support, alimony, child custody or property division.

One thing that holds a crucial place but often ends up forgotten is social media. What you post on your social media accounts can end up being used against you in divorce court, so you need to keep an eye out.

Scrutiny of your social media

Austin Monthly discusses the importance of being careful with social media as you go through the split. You should already know that companies and landlords will often use social media as a tool to background check and vet potential employees or residents before accepting applications. In the same way, the court can review your social media to determine if they think you are fit for certain responsibilities, duties or privileges.

Thus, experts suggest several things regarding your social media. First, restrict what you post. Do not post anything about the divorce or anything disparaging your co-parent. You may want to avoid social media entirely if you find this difficult.

Use of social media against you

Know that your co-parent’s attorney will likely scour your social media in an attempt to find anything – big or small – that they can use against you. This holds especially true in acrimonious divorces. Your social media may also get used to try painting you as gaining or earning more money than you reported, which can get you in trouble with the court.

Navigating this can pose its own confusions and threats, so consider contacting legal help if you end up in this situation.

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