How do you pay for an alcohol rehabilitation program?

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Recently, the Florida Department of Children and Families took your kids from your home. To get them back, you must prove you have what it takes to overcome your drinking habit. Rehab programs may cost money you do not have.

WebMD explores ways to pay for alcohol rehab. Find out how to get the treatment you deserve without damaging your financial health.

Paying with insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies cover alcohol and drug addiction programs. Examples of qualifying health coverage policies include Medicare, private insurance, Medicare, military insurance and state-financed health policies. If you have disability insurance, it may cover your treatment costs.

If your provider covers rehab, ask about limits. For instance, your policy may only cover the first 30 days of residential treatment. Your coverage provider may also limit the treatment you receive. For instance, your counselor may feel you could benefit from holistic care, but your provider may not cover such treatment.

Paying without insurance

If you do not have a healthcare policy, do not despair. Florida or local government could have free treatment options to explore. Faith-based support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous or another 12-step program could offer low-cost or free financial support. Depending on the facility you choose, it may offer a scholarship program. Some rehab facilities offer sliding scale fees based on income. Let clinicians know about your financial situation so they can see if they have options for you to explore.

The right alcohol rehab program could do wonders for you and your child. By learning all your payment options, you better understand how to navigate your legal situation.

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