Will the court allow you to modify your child custody agreement?

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If you are a divorced parent, a major change in your life may signal the need for child custody agreement modification.

Florida statutes have precise guidelines for agreement modifications, many of which affect child support or custody arrangements. Will the court approve your request?

Modification issues

You may wish to pursue child custody agreement modification for a variety of reasons. You may have to deal with a health crisis. You may receive a promotion at work that requires you and your child to relocate. A change in your work schedule may require a change to your visitation schedule. There might also be an uptick in the expenses your child needs. If you and the other parent agree to the modification of your child custody agreement, court approval should follow. However, if your ex-spouse objects to the change you want, some legal wrangling will likely ensue.

Child support modification

Many requests for modification include a change in the existing amount of child support. In the state of Florida, the court will only modify an original child support order if the requested change is involuntary; for example, if you suffer loss of income because your employer terminates you. However, if you make a personal decision to quit your job, asking the court to modify your child support agreement will probably result in denial.

Request for guidance

Your attorney can help if you wonder whether the change in your circumstances is sufficient to win court approval for child custody agreement modification. If you have background information to provide and wish to proceed, an advocate can assist you with the process of petitioning the court.

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