Tips for helping your children adjust to life after divorce

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Though divorce is difficult for the adults involved, your kids are also deeply impacted by their parents splitting up. According to World Psychiatry, children with divorced parents are more likely to have psychological problems. These issues can manifest as depressed mood, rebellious behavior or academic underachievement.

Focusing on your children’s well-being during this uncertain and difficult period can help decrease the risk of these problems developing.

Keep some things the same

Your family will undergo some major changes that can be disorienting for young people. You can provide stability by keeping some things the same, such as the primary residence or the school your kids attend. When a move to a new home or new school is necessary, your children could continue to participate in the same afterschool activities or sports.

Aim for consistency between households

Switching between households can cause major disruptions for children. In addition to sticking to the parenting schedule, you can limit disruptions by maintaining similar rules and routines in both households. For example, make sure your kids eat dinner, do homework and go to bed at the same time regardless of which parent they are with.

Present a united co-parenting front

Though you and your former spouse are no longer together romantically, you should show your children that you are still a team when it comes to parenting. Support each other’s decisions, avoid fighting and never badmouth the other parent in front of your children.

Even when you try your best, your kids may still struggle with adjusting to their new life. You may need to consult a mental health professional to ensure your children have all the help they need.

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