6 advantages of divorce mediation

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Since people value sound advice in stressful times, divorce mediation can be helpful. Couples need to discuss the division of assets, living arrangements, child custody and their other unique circumstances.

For good reason, separating spouses may consider the services of a mediator to help navigate the challenges of a divorce.

More control

When a divorcing couple cannot agree, the judge must decide. Someone will likely be unhappy with the results, leading to constant fighting later. Mediation gives both parties a say in the decision.

Quicker separation

A contested divorce in Florida can require over a year to complete. An uncontested divorce can conclude in a few weeks, allowing individuals to move on. If both parties work together in mediation, the separation can wrap up faster.

Increased confidentiality

Court records are public information. Couples can keep their private matters away from prying eyes by resolving issues with a mediator.

Less stress

A couple might attempt to iron out details themselves. If neither has legal experience, the paperwork and logistics may add tension to an already stressful situation. Since divorce can affect mental health, a mediator helps cover necessary bases, so few surprises later emerge.

More amicable

The strict courtroom environment does little to promote friendly feelings. A mediator can work with a couple at a time and setting that keeps them at ease.

Less costly

The time and work spent litigating a divorce typically mean more considerable legal fees and hours taken away from work and family. A reasonable mediation schedule can lessen the cost of divorce services in time and money.

A mediator can serve a separating couple well if both agree to it. In any case, the assistance of a qualified professional can smooth out the bumpy divorce process.

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