How to speed up the reunification process

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Losing your child to foster care is a frightening experience. You likely will experience feelings of inadequacy and despair, but this is not the time to give up. Florida wants to return children to their parents if possible, so you must take the steps necessary to make that happen.

According to data from National KIDS COUNT, just under half of all children reunite with their parents after foster care. If you want to be a part of increasing that statistic, continue reading to learn more about what the court expects from you.

Prepare for DCF inspections

The primary goal of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is to keep children safe and provided for. Throughout your case plan, the DCF will check on your progress. This includes issues such as substance abuse, violence or other potential conflict areas. The agency will work with you to create a suitable environment for your child. You need to provide your child with food, health care and emotional support when they return to your home.

Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you have loved ones who also care for your children, ask them to join your plan. You should utilize every resource available for the sake of your child. It does not matter if they are family members, court-appointed guardians or members of your school or church.

The past does not have to represent your future. Work with government resources and trustworthy community members to begin the reunification process. You can get through trauma and bring your family back together.

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