What are the benefits of joint custody?

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Parents going through divorce have a lot of questions they have to ask each other and themselves about how they want to handle custody matters.

For those looking to better their child’s lives, joint custody could serve as a good potential option. But why is that the case? What benefits does joint custody have?

Improved relationships and coping

Psychology Today discusses new research on joint custody and its impacts on the children who experience it. Over the years, studies have revealed that children who experience joint custody generally have better coping mechanisms that they develop at an earlier point in their life. This carries on through adulthood, which means that the adult children who experienced joint custody often struggle less with addiction.

These children also have healthier relationships. They do not lash out at peers as often, nor do they combat with authority figures as much. As adults, they have healthier romantic relationships, too.

Improved mental health

The rate at which joint custody children report issues like anxiety and depression is also less than those who experience sole custody. They have fewer reports of trauma or stress disorders or conditions as well, including post-traumatic stress disorder. When they do report these issues, they also seem to suffer from a more mild condition.

Studies speculate that these benefits come from the stability that joint custody situations provide. A child does not have to readjust to life with only one parent after living in a two-parent household for their entire life. This removes a lot of the fear of change or the unknown that backs many children’s worst concerns about the split, and provides support with notable benefits.

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