Reviewing payment options as a parent who owes child support

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If you have to pay child support or you anticipate these obligations because you are splitting up with your child’s other parent, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of various issues regarding this topic. In addition to recognizing the harsh penalties you could face for falling behind and the factors that courts use when calculating child support awards, you should examine your payment options.

Finding the most practical payment method could make paying child support easier and decrease the likelihood of becoming delinquent.

Paying child support in Florida

The Florida Department of Revenue covers child support payment options available to parents in this state. Although many parents have support taken directly from their paychecks through income withholding, others (such as self-employed individuals) must find different ways to make payments. You can pay child support online by using the state’s portal. Online payments with your credit card or debit card will incur a fee, but you could avoid fees by paying with electronic checks.

In addition, you can review your child support payment history online.

Other child support payment options in Florida

You can also submit a child support payment via postal mail. Make sure you send your payment to the State Disbursement Unit’s correct address and provide all necessary information, such as the names of each parent and your case or depository number. Furthermore, you can pay through a money transfer service, although fees apply and payments can take seven business days to process.

Regardless of how you decide to pay child support, make sure you stay caught up.

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