Looking at statistics on fathers, marriage and divorce

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As a father, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your rights and options if you decide to end your marriage or face legal or financial hardships after splitting up with your child’s other parent. You should keep in mind that you are not alone, and going over data on fathers and divorce sheds light on the number of men who find themselves in this position.

Some fathers worry about how divorce could affect their kids and their relationship with their children. It is imperative to prioritize your child’s best interests if you decide to part ways with your spouse.

Data on married, unmarried and divorced fathers

According to the Census Bureau, statistics from 2014 show that among the 72 million dads in the U.S., 66 million got married at some point and 6 million never tied the knot. 31.7% of the fathers who got married had at least three kids, while only 3.1% of fathers who never got married had three or more kids.

This survey also found that 12.9% of fathers had gone through a divorce, 3.2% became widowed and 2.3% became separated from their child’s other parent.

Preparing for divorce as a father

The way you approach the end of your marriage and handle post-divorce matters such as child custody or support could have a major impact on different aspects of your life. Make sure you handle any issues that arise carefully and do not let negative emotions such as anxiety or sadness affect how you navigate the divorce process or deal with challenges afterward.

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