Coping with divorce and your mental health: 3 tips

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Facing divorce is a major life change that can have a ripple effect on your entire family. However, you may not realize that the feelings you experience during and after a divorce can affect your mental health as well.

According to Mental Health America, maintaining routines as much as possible and avoiding conflict with your ex-spouse can prevent the deterioration of your mental health, but keeping a few other tips in mind as you navigate your divorce can boost your mood and help you stay grounded for the benefit of not only yourself but your children as well.

1. Join a support group

Reaching out to and speaking with other divorced individuals may help you feel comfortable about processing your feelings regarding the split. While this may feel strange at first, you might discover that those in your group feel much as you do regarding sadness, guilt or even anger over a divorce. Trying to handle these emotions on your own may lead to increased mental stress and affect your day-to-day mental wellness.

2. Indulge in hobbies

While a divorce changes your life in many ways, you do not have to give up activities you love, even if you enjoyed a few with your ex-spouse. Take the time to rediscover hobbies you once loved, especially those that allow you to create, as these can stimulate the mind and allow you to redirect your emotions in order to cope in a positive way.

3. Take care of your body and your mind

The negative emotions that often result from divorce can affect your physical health. Avoid binge eating, get restorative sleep and exercise daily to keep a healthy balance between mind and body.

Divorce can cause a slew of emotions that may distress or upset you, but doing your best to maintain good mental health during this time can make the process easier for everyone involved.

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