How can you create a strong coparenting relationship?

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Getting divorced can bring on many challenges in your life, one of which may include sharing parenting time with your former spouse. If you and your ex have entered into a coparenting relationship following your divorce, you may feel unsure of how to proceed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2021 in the U.S., 689,308 couples either got divorced or annulled their marriages and many of these couples struggled to find the right balance while coparenting. The following strategies can help you build a stronger coparenting relationship for the benefit of your children.

Try to stay flexible

While sharing parenting time with your ex, things may not always go according to plan. Although you may feel frustrated in the moment, try to remember that if you are flexible, your coparent may also exhibit flexibility when you need it.

Communicate regularly

Set up a regular time to touch base with your coparent to discuss the needs of your children. Solidify how you will communicate as well, whether you decide to talk on the phone, send text messages or emails or meet in person.

Support your children’s relationship with the other parent

When your children are with you, do not try and sabotage their relationship with their other parent. Instead, support the relationship they have with your ex by encouraging them to stay in touch during their stay with you.

It can be difficult to get used to coparenting after you get divorced. But using these strategies and always putting the needs of your children first can help you build a strong coparenting arrangement.

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