What steps to take if you cannot see your children

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The heartache of not being able to see your children can be unbearable. When the mother of your children refuses you access to them, it feels like a personal violation.

If this has happened to you, you might feel confused and unsure of what steps to take. Navigating this process requires patience, understanding and compliance with certain procedures.

Pursue mediation

Consider mediation as a first step in addressing the situation. A neutral third party can help facilitate discussions between you and the mother of your children. You can outline your concerns and work towards a compromise. This often helps to avoid a lengthy court process and can lead to an agreement that works for both parties.

Document denials of access

Keep a record of each time the mother denies you access to your children. Note the date, time and circumstances. This will serve as evidence if you need to involve the court at a later date.

Request court intervention

If mediation does not work or is not an option, and you have a record of consistent denial of access, you may need to seek help from the court. File a Motion for Enforcement with your local courthouse. This prompts the court to enforce the existing order or consider creating a new order if none exists.

Consequences for violation

If the court finds that a parent is unjustifiably denying access to the other parent, they could face penalties. These may include fines, modification of the time-sharing order and in extreme cases, even jail time.

When faced with a situation where the mother of your children is denying you access to them, take steps that follow the law and your children’s best interests. While this process can be challenging, remember that you have rights and options and that Florida law exists to protect your relationship with your children.

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