4 FAQ about regaining parental visitation rights

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Navigating the legal process to reestablish parental visitation rights in Florida is a significant concern for many parents.

These rights are important for maintaining a nurturing relationship with their children and ensuring their well-being. Reestablishing these rights often comes with many questions.

1. How can I regain visitation rights?

Regaining visitation rights in Florida can be a process, but it is possible. If the existing visitation order no longer serves the child’s best interests or your circumstances have changed, you can request a modification through the court. You will need to provide evidence of the changed circumstances.

2. What steps should I take to show my commitment?

Demonstrating your commitment to your child is important. Attend all court-ordered classes, therapy sessions or counseling sessions. Be punctual and consistent with your visitation schedule to show your dedication to your child. Gather evidence that shows you positively impact your child’s life. This could include report cards, testimonials from teachers or statements from other involved adults.

3. What should I avoid during this process?

Avoid any behavior that might harm your case, such as failing to make child support payments or disregarding court orders. Complying with all legal obligations is a must.

4. How long does the process take?

The time it takes to reestablish visitation rights varies. It depends on your individual case, the cooperation of both parties involved and the court’s caseload. In fiscal year 2021, the 20th Circuit Family Court in Collier County had 2,825 filings.

Reestablishing parental visitation rights in Florida is a process that requires dedication, cooperation and adherence to the legal system. Patience and persistence are important during this journey, and legal modification may be necessary to adapt to changing circumstances.

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