Steps to take if CPS takes custody of your child

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If Child Protective Services takes custody of your child in Florida, you may feel frightened, angry and distressed. You might not know how to navigate the legal system, which can make this challenging situation more difficult.

Following the appropriate steps in this situation can help you regain custody and reunite with your child.

Cooperate with CPS

Carefully follow any instructions you receive from CPS. Provide requested information and take required actions right away to avoid missing deadlines in your case. Cooperating with CPS shows your commitment to addressing the agency’s concerns and supporting your child’s best interests.

Attend court hearings

Make sure you attend all court hearings scheduled for your case. These hearings will determine the future of your child’s custody. If you do not show up in court, you miss your chance to demonstrate your commitment to resolving the necessary issues.

Address CPS concerns

Take proactive steps to address the concerns raised by CPS. Whether you need to attend parenting classes, seek counseling, get help for substance use or change your living situation, showing an effort to address concerns can positively influence your case.

Follow court orders

Adhere to any court orders issued by the judge. Requirements may include drug testing, counseling or supervised visitation. Meeting the court’s standards as your case progresses can work in your favor.

Participate in available services

Actively take part in resources or programs offered by CPS. You may have access to parenting classes, substance abuse treatment or therapy sessions. Engaging in these services shows a willingness to improve parenting skills and address issues.

Maintain contact with your caseworker

Stay in regular contact with your CPS caseworker. Be responsive to calls, attend scheduled meetings and provide updates on your progress. Regular communication helps build trust and keeps you actively involved in the case.

Demonstrate stability

Work towards creating stability and support for your child. This includes safe housing, consistent employment and a nurturing environment that helps them thrive.

Florida had 23,507 children in the state foster care system in 2021 alone. If you find yourself in this situation, taking these steps can improve your chances of a positive outcome.

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