Methods spouses use to hide property

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If you have reason to believe your Florida marriage may be coming to an end, it may be due, at least in part, to a breakdown of trust between you and your spouse. If you no longer trust your spouse, you may have valid suspicions that he or she is trying to stockpile assets in an effort to position his or herself well, financially, should the two of you ultimately divorce. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, P.A., we have a clear understanding of the tactics divorcing couples sometimes use to conceal assets from each other, and we have helped many clients uncover hidden property, money and possessions to ensure they get their rightful share.

Per, your husband or wife may use a number of different methods to hide assets or conceal money from you, and some are more overt than others. If your joint bank account appears to be dwindling faster than you think it should be, ask yourself whether your spouse might be taking small amounts of money in “cash back” when shopping for groceries and the like. This is easily doable in small increments, but those small increments can add up over time, leaving you in the lurch if you do not catch on.

Your spouse may also use his or her business or business contacts to hide assets from you. For example, if self-employed, your spouse may purposefully delay sending invoices to customers or clients until after the divorce, so any money received does not have to be split with you. If employed by someone with whom they have a close relationship, your spouse may also ask to delay any promotions or raises that may be coming his or her way until after your marriage is over.

Know that your spouse may, too, conveniently “forget” about any stocks or retirement accounts he or she holds through his or her employer to reduce having to share their contents with you in the divorce. These are just a few of the methods spouses often use to hide money and property from one another. More about divorce and dividing assets is available on our web page.



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