Typical mistakes during a divorce

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Couples who are going through a divorce in Florida may be dealing with emotions such as anger, sadness and resentment, and when these affect how a spouse deals with the divorce proceedings, this can lead to negative outcomes. There are many decisions to make during a divorce, and whether it is due to emotions, to save money or to avoid making hard choices, there are common mistakes couples make during a divorce.

According to Forbes, some of the biggest mistakes a couple makes relate to finances. One is not making a new financial plan currently and for the future. It is a good idea to speak with a financial professional about how to make smart decisions now so once the dust settles after the divorce, it is easy to make a fresh start. Either or both spouses may fight hard to keep the house without considering what that means. Paying for a mortgage, insurance, upkeep and repairs with only one salary can be financially draining. Some couples may consider taking money out of their retirement accounts early to help pay for bills now, but this is a terrible idea when considering the tax implications, and it may be difficult to replace that money.

HuffPost discusses some other common mistakes. One is when one spouse does not advocate or negotiate for his or her needs. Another is letting emotions get in the way of making decisions.

For couples with children, there are many mistakes that they may make. These include arguing in front of the kids, bad-mouthing the other parent, not being honest with the children and not co-parenting properly. 


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