Take life insurance seriously in a divorce

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Property division and custody are usually the major headline issues in a Florida divorce. Exes tend to spend much of their time and mental energy on solving these problems. However, this leads to overlooking seemingly simple topics such as life insurance. Unfortunately, insurance can get quite complicated too.

The first complication often comes from choosing an amount of coverage that will be required in the divorce agreement. This involves a general calculation of the amount of costs it will take to raise children until they are adults. Such expenses can be difficult to figure at the time a divorce agreement is signed. These issues would also be present when there is alimony.

Furthermore, when the two parties are getting divorced, they have no way of knowing what the premium payments will be for a policy in the future as renewals have different prices. It may be one thing to mandate $500,000 of coverage right now, but the cost of that policy could increase dramatically as the insured gets older. There can be other problems relating to insurance, such as the inability to qualify for a policy due to a health condition. Many of these issues can be addressed in a divorce agreement.

A family law attorney may help keep a client focused on important details when negotiating a divorce agreement. Legal counsel could also offer suggestions on how to deal with the issues mentioned above. If necessary, the lawyer will help draft sections of the divorce agreement that would put solutions for these issues into place. This may lead to a more amicable divorce process.

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