Think about life insurance in a divorce

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Divorce agreements in Florida will address all of the major issues. They will give extensive attention to custody and property division, meticulously laying out all of the provisions of the agreement. Many divorcing spouses make the mistake of failing to pay enough attention to the area of life insurance. This is not as simple as many people think.

First, it is not always easy to know how much coverage should be mandated in the divorce agreement. It is difficult to look into the proverbial crystal ball and know how much it will cost to raise children years in the future and exactly what those expenses are. While people may want to be conservative and require a large amount of insurance, that can also be expensive.

Second, the cost of insurance as the years pass is not always known. The only thing that is certain is that life insurance will get more expensive. The other variable is the health of the insured. If it changes for the worse, insurance will get even more expensive. Thus, if someone is required to maintain a certain level of insurance, they may not be able to afford it in the future. All of these details can be addressed in a divorce agreement, but many arrangements simply stop at requiring a certain amount of life insurance before the children are grown.

A divorce attorney may be able to raise some of these issues while the agreement is being negotiated so that the parties can consider them. Once the agreement is signed, it might be too late to fix any oversight or things that were not considered. While parties to the divorce are focused on the major issues, they may lose sight of details that they think are more minor. This is where the services of an attorney can help.

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