Certified divorce financial advisors

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Financial stress and the issues that cause it are among the leading causes of divorce in the United States. Divorcees in Florida probably already know about the need for a good attorney, but they should also consider employing the services of a certified divorce financial advisor.

How much does money matter?

When people think about the leading causes of a divorce, they probably think of issues surrounding mistrust and infidelity. However, a study published by Forbes indicates that 22% of Americans who have gone through a divorce cite financial issues as the leading cause of their split.

Professionals acknowledge that the stress associated with money goes well beyond simply paying monthly bills. Even if it is a subconscious association, most people have an internal connection between money and personal security. This means that when money becomes an issue within a marriage, one or both partners could begin to feel unsafe within the marriage, leading to more fights and higher levels of stress.

The need for more than an attorney

Only 6% of women in the United States who are going through a divorce contact a certified divorce financial advisor, or CDFA. That shockingly low number is probably due to the fact that 60% of divorcees admit to not even knowing about the existence of CDFAs. This specialized advisor can help someone going through an already stressful divorce to create a financial plan for their own future.

The use of a CDFA doesn’t diminish the need for a divorce attorney for someone who is going through the end of a marriage, no matter how amicable. This attorney may work with their client and a CDFA to help guide the client through the upcoming times of uncertainty.

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